I was two the first time I put on skis, growing up on the east coast of Canada, I began racing not long after. As a girl I was lucky enough to travel the world chasing winter and so, once high school was over, I made the decision to head west. Whistler has been my home ever since, and although the racing days are behind me, my love for the mountains has only grown. Now you might catch me swimming in an alpine lake along the west coast, touring up a mountain in search of a new line, or laying on a beach somewhere warmer than home- in a bikini I definitely obsessed over a little too much. Life is pretty wonderful. I still work the same job I have since I arrived all those years ago, although a lot less now than then. I support my passions however I can, and that makes everyday more exciting. The little things and daily routines keep me motivated, how I treat my body is a huge part of my life, whether that means through nutrition or exercise. Whenever I'm at home you'll find me in the gym, sweating a little- lot- more than everyone else. And if I'm not at home, chances are I'm off somewhere chasing the pinkest sunset. Wherever I am, you can always reach me at;



Your friend,